Teittinen Hydraulics Oy



Hatanpään valtatie 34 A

FI-33100 Tampere



Tel: +358 (0)3 2140 881

E-mail: info(at)teittinen.fi



Eckart Hydraulik Pneumatik



Teittinen Hydraulics

Special Hydraulics


Teittinen Hydraulics (est. 1978): Family CompanyTampere Finland

Knowledge: Best-in-class solutions for demanding applications

(e.g. difficult load-control needs)

Top Brands/Decades partnership: Bucher Hydraulics and Eckart Hydraulik

Loyal Customers: 100+ Finnish firms - Leading mobile/industrial OEM:s


We bring Innovations to the Finnish market

Have You developed a Special product for Hydraulics?

Are You looking to enter the Finnish market and build awareness?

We are the preferred sales-partner for nische products! Please contact us!


Hydraulic Nozzles / Orifices

Worldwide deliveryDysa Strypning

Express delivery from huge stock



1) Cleanliness (we check every nozzle)

2) Bore-size Marking (easy identification)

3) Precision Bore and Short Orifice Length (stable throttling function in varying conditions)



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